God Encounters


This page has been included to encourage, and to give glory to God for the way He has intervened in peoples lives and situations. We do hope that you will be blessed as a result. 

Each of these stories is true, and those who they relate to consider them to be occasions when God has intervened in some way in their lives. To protect individuals some minor changes have been made without altering the truth or essence of their experiences.




48  Hours to Live and Healed of Cancer (1976)

In the UK we are very privileged to have a National Health Service that provides health care for its people - In spite of this provision, doctors are only himan and don't have the solution for all our health needs. This story illustrates that God is still able to work supernaturally in people's lives.

On 17th August 1976 J was admitted to hospital for some exploratory surgery. Surgeons soon realised that her situation was beyond them. As a result J's husband H was informed that his wife only had 48 hours to live, and that he should go home to prepare his young family for the worst. H responded by informing the doctors that God hears and answers prayer. He subsequentlycame home and contacted a number of folk in the Clapham Elim church asking them to pray for his wife.

Today (2016) J is still alive and rejoicing in the goodness of God. Since that day in 1976, J has been invited as a guest to two medical conferences for consultants only, to share her story. Since that day J and her husband have had the privilege to pray for many people in a similar condition and have seen quite a number healed. 

In June 2016 she was asked to visit the doctor for a check up. When J and her husband walked into the consulting room, the doctor remarked about a 'presence' that this couple seemd to carry with them. J explained that it was none other that the presence of Jesus. The doctor asked her to tell her story. Before they left, J and her husband were asked to pray God's blessing on the doctor, - something J is regularly asked to do. 

Praise God! Jesus is still alive and working in people's hearts and lives!



Healed of Deafness (2003)

For some fifty years, S could only hear dull sounds out of her left ear - the result of a childhood injury. One Sunday morning in the service it seemed that the music appeared a lot louder than normal, which she found quite irritating.

A phone call to a friend suddenly highlighted that something had happened as the phone was being held to her left ear, because her hands were covered in flour and her left hand was the cleaner of the two. 

The following morning she realised she had been healed when the central heating boiler woke her when it came on. Her healing was later confirmed by her doctor.

What is amazing is that no one had prayed for S, but the reality of God's presence in the services had brought about this remarkable healing. S has frequently testified to this wonderful experience.



Depression Free At Last (Extracts from a letter - 2004)

"Six years is a long time for someone to be lying in bed for most of the day, to not be functioning as their usual self, and to be hiding from the world in general. It is a long time for a husband to be physically present with his wife but to be separated in the emotional and spiritual sense as if she was many miles away, as if she wasn't there at all.

Such had been the case for my wife and I since she had brain surgery over 6 years ago. The week after surgery she had come home from hospital only to having to be re-admitted the same day due to extreme temperature and pain and many other complications. Many specialists, even a tropical diseases specialist, were brought in and she nearly died from what turned out to be a severe case of septicaemia along with other things. Such was the trauma on her body and emotions from this and the original surgery that severe clinical depression overtook her.

Doctors and psychiatrists and anti-depressants did not release her from the grip of this terrible illness. We had many people praying for her all over the world and she had been ministered to by the elders in line with scripture yet the depression hung on.

In November of 2003 I was in the UK ministering in some other churches and also to many groups of International Students. My wife was too ill to travel with me. It was my privilege to also be able to preach at Elim Clapham Church where I met Pastor Joel, his wife Lynne, and members of the congregation. While there I was blessed by their warmth and fellowship but more so for their care and their love when they heard of the predicament of my wife. They have been seeing many healings in their church so Pastor Joel prayed over me and gave me a handkerchief that had been 'prayer soaked' for her to put under her pillow when I returned to Australia.

We did that and started to see a break through in her mind. It didn't fully bring healing at that time but this was the first real break through that we had had in 6 years. From then there have been some other things that have also made a difference but I believe this was the start of a miracle of God.

Now she is free. She is getting up normally and is bubbling around blessing many folk as she used to before, and is now able to accompany me as I travel to minister.

Thank you Pastor Joel for your love and care to someone you had not known for long at all.

Bless you all at Elim Church"



House Supernaturally Provided (2005)

In London the price of property is always on the increase, to rent is also expensive. P & T had been living in rented accommodation and could never envisage owning a property they could call their own.

P started to attend the prayer soaking meetings held every Tuesday at the church. He was encouraged to spend the time waiting on God and seeking for a greater move of the Holy Spirit in his life. During this time he brought before the Lord his desire to own his own home.

To cut a long story short, within a matter of a few months he was bidding for a three bed-roomed house with a garden. Even though bids of fifty, sixty and seventy thousand pounds were greater than his offer, the seller decided to sell the property to P & T at their lower bid.

P states that 'Father God just loves to bless His people if only they will give Him the opportunity'. 

We give God thanks for making this possible!



3 Months of Back Trouble Comes to an end (2005)

It was quite a number of months ago that this incident relates to. For over three months, I was in great pain with a bad back, and movement was extremely difficult. Simple things like getting out of the car and walking had to be done with care, and even opening the fridge door was painful.

One Sunday I decided to go forward for prayer towards the end of a Sunday morning service. After prayer was made - the pain started to ease. Prayer was continued until the pain had gone completely.

Two years on I have not had any re-occurence of my back trouble, and I am ever thankful to God for what He has done in my life.



At Last B Could Do Her Housework (2005)

Quite unexpectedly, B started to experience severe pain in her back at work. Her colleagues were very concerned about her, and wanted to call the ambulance to take her to the casualty dept at the local hospital. Instead she persuaded them to let her go to her GP.

For two weeks, B couldn't move. Housework was impossible to do, as well as preparing meals for her family. The pain was so severe that her doctor signed her off work for one month and ordered complete rest.

On Sunday 26th June 2005, B struggled to church. At the end of the service she came forward for prayer. Another woman prayed for her and the pain immediately left. She walked home and on the way did some necessary shopping and carried it home. Something she had been unable to do for two weeks.

On arriving home, she cooked a meal for the family, then caught up on much needed housework. It has been many weeks since B was prayed for, has been pain free, and is now back at work.